STOP THE PRESS!!! OneCor Launch Superstore to Provide Lifestyle Upgrades

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Exciting new consumer tech start-up, OneCor, are delighted to announce the opening of a brand new flagship store at Boomtown Fair this August.

The OneCor Superstore will showcase a range of aspirational, life-enhancing, A.I. designed consumer brands – including the unveiling of an as yet undisclosed product that OneCor describe as the ultimate answer to our environmental problems.

OneCor CEO Gordon Romance;

“As a conscientious company, we take our responsibility as designers, innovators – and Global Citizens – very seriously. That means putting the environment first. Our revolutionary new products will not only provide you with the lifestyle upgrades to realize the Beautiful Future you deserve –  they’ll also ensure you and your family preserve!”

The OneCor Superstore – Metropolis District – Boomtown Fair – Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August 2019.

Say hi to me, Sally – OneCor Head of People – on Facebook and Twitter @WelcometoOneCor

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