5 Reasons Not to Fear Your Virtual Digital Assistant

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Siri, Google Home, Alexa, Cortana; virtual digital assistants are becoming a major aid and influence in the lives of everyday people. In fact, AI enabled devices are estimated to reach 1.8 billion people by 2021.

Yet many fearmongers have been spreading the word that these digital assistants could be something to fear – quoting data misuse and harm to our economy, privacy and even democracy.

At OneCor™, we understand these fears, but with so many benefits, surely it’s misjudged to focus simply on the so-called ‘dangers’ of such an astounding (and convenient) technological advancement.

Here are just a few of the reasons you should embrace, not fear, your virtual digital assistant.

1) Time savers

It may seem obvious, but there’s no need to waste minutes of your life each day typing into search engines, or setting your own reminders. Just tell your virtual digital assistant everything you need and it’s done for you – leaving you more time to focus on other important tasks. With the right settings, you can even ensure your assistant knows all about you, your preferences and your key information so you don’t need to waste time typing in bank details or searching for music or items you might like – they know it all already!

2) Great company and fun for kids

Have you tried some of the games you can play with your digital virtual assistant? Kids love them! These family-friendly devices offer myriad ways for children to engage with the digital world. For example, Alexa even offers a politeness feature as an incentive for your little ones to use manners when they engage with the device, rewarding them with compliments and encouragement. Struggling to fit in too many tasks in the evenings? You can set your AI friend to read a bedtime story for your little cherubs, freeing you up to fix a healthy meal or finish that urgent work project.

3) Making your life easier

Why spend time shopping on the high street or bustling against crowds to reach small independent stores that may not even have what you need in stock? Let your virtual digital assistant do the work for you! Linking easily with major online retailers and outlets, you can simply ask your device to order items for you (“Alexa, order me more toilet roll please!”) and before you know it, your shopping will be on your doorstep. Likewise, use your assistant to order take out food or provide example workouts without having to speak to or deal with a living soul.

4) They can inspire you

Struggling to figure out what kind of music you’d like to listen to or musical artists to follow? Let your virtual digital assistant make suggestions for you. Simply ask them to play a type of music, such as ‘motivational’ or ‘easy listening’ and let them pick for you. Some critics have concerns that some devices may show biases towards certain record labels or figures within the industry, but even if that was true, at least you’d know that you’re only listening to the more popular and financially supported artists of your time. It’s a win-win.

5) This is just the beginning

Why fear technological progress? Our virtual digital assistants are just the very start of our adventures into the exciting world of AI, so embrace them! Here at OneCor™ we have a few (top secret) ideas in the pipeline for really making the most of this incredible technology. So watch this space! And get voice searching, the opportunities for life enrichment are endless…


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6 Comments on “5 Reasons Not to Fear Your Virtual Digital Assistant”

  1. This is extremely useful article.. Our home has Google in every room and our home is smart home adapted! Google is the future and is not just a great assistant but a friend when you need her.
    This technology should be embraced not feared and I spread this word through my social circles

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