Thrillax to the Max!

Alpine Milk ™ is the delicious, thirst-quenching beverage with a ‘secret’ ingredient that kicks like
a cow and leaves you ready to conquer your day with a smile on your face. Alpine Milk ™ is
laden with energy-filling goodness that takes revitalization to another level and is available in
both non-alcoholic and alcoholic varieties - so whether you are heading to the gym, bossing it in
the boardroom or tearing up the dance floor, there is an Alpine Milk ™ for you.
3 Life-Enhancing Flavours!

Our milk is tasty, refreshing and good looking! The lightweight, part-biodegradable packaging
tips a nostalgic cap to the retro classic milk bottle while embracing a slick, modern design that
encapsulates both the heritage (cow) and urban cool (typeface and logo) of the brand, perfectly
echoing your work-hard-play-hard lifestyle. Alpine comes in 3 life-enhancing flavours:

  • Cool Blue | Blueberry Spritz | With an edge to impress!
  • Screaming Green | Avocado Shake | A no fuss adrenalin rush!
  • Pretty Pink | Raspberry Crush | The taste of Pure Lush!

Life’s Short so Milk It!

Whether you are aspiring to be a celebrity, social influencer, business entrepreneur, music or
sports entertainer or something else, Alpine Milk ™ is the beverage of choice for those that know
what they want and are determined to get it, whatever the cost. Why? Because you know that
life’s short….so milk it!

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