Kick Start Their Day

BoonPops!™ is the delicious, fuss-free breakfast replacement for kids. Offering a tasty, mood and performance boosting alternative to time-consuming porridge or messy shakes and juices. Each pop contains a specially engineered enzyme providing all the daily nutrients that children need to give them a competitive edge over their peers - from the classroom to the sports field.

BoonPops!™ also contain a unique stimulant that activates nerves in the jaw connected to the brain region responsible for satiety, staving off hunger pangs and allowing you to manage your child’s calorie intake and weight to perfection.

Say goodbye to breakfast table chitter-chatter, now your kids can enjoy their morning meal on the go - allowing you to get to the office less stressed and on time for that important 9am meeting.

BoonPops!™ Give your kids a kick-start to their day, every day.

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