Breaking News >>> Gordon Responds to Public Outcry Over Missing Child

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OneCor CEO Gordon Romance today broke security protocol and a media embargo to address concerned citizens fears for a missing child, known as Charlie, last seen looking for a pet dog near the perimeter of Area 404.

Newly promoted Head of Communications, Sally Smiles said:

“Following the launch of OneCor campaign #All404One, Mr. Romance and OneCor have been silent in the media – and for good reason. However, Gordon is a man of the people and he is acutely aware of the growing fear for the child’s safety. He is confident that our response is now ready to execute and wanted to allay peoples fears and bring hope to the child’s family”

Mr. Romance posted the emotionally charged video using #savecharlie on his personal @Gordon Romance Instagram and twitter accounts, earlier today

6 Comments on “Breaking News >>> Gordon Responds to Public Outcry Over Missing Child”

  1. Thank you to the brave onecor security team that have put them self at to help find Charlie. What would we do without the help of onecor.

  2. Thanks for listening Gordon. Bring Cuarlie home soon. We will except nothing less given your talented people. Also nice tan!

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