Bacterial Biometry

You are host to a uniquely diverse inner population of gut bacteria. Gut biome is the single biggest factor affecting your moods, emotions, mental qualities and physical attributes. Your faecal bacteria population controls everything about you, and it’s time for an upgrade.

Clinically Proven Method

Under tightly controlled laboratory conditions, we extracted the highest concentration of rich bacteria from a cross section of high performing individuals including doctors, athletes, politicians, academics, business leaders and top social influencers. These premium samples were then transplanted into lower achievers. In every case, the recipients experienced rapid improvements that mirrored the attributes of their superior faecal donors. You can’t argue with the science behind Colonetics™.

A-List Donors

We own the faecal biome IP of some of the highest profile and most successful individuals.

These widely coveted high performance samples are available exclusively through the Colonetics™ program. Our cryogenic storage facility contains the most powerful gut bacteria on the planet. Ambitious, competitive, and primed for action in a new host body. Don’t let your underperforming faecal biome hold you back any longer.

New You from the Inside

Who do you want to be? As a Colonetics™ customer you can elect to design your new life in a number of ways with our all new designer ranges.

  1. Custom Blends - Select the lifestyle attributes you would most like to possess. Wealth, fame, beauty and charm delivered monthly in a custom blended program of suppositories.
  2. Fame or Fortune - This ruthless range of single attribute power blends are concentrated to maximise success in a particular field. For single-minded individuals who crave only one thing and will stop at nothing to get it.
  3. Zero to Hero - Simply select your favourite celebrity. Which actress, singer, celebrity or social influencer do you dream of being? We have limited edition suppository cultures from 95%* of the world’s rich and famous ready for shipping. (*5% carry illegal character flaws).

Get Started

First off, we will need to assess your current gut biome profile in order to provide you with a list of suitable high profile donors to choose from.

All you need to do is sign up for a free trial to get started now.

Disclaimer: OneCor is not responsible for any negative physical or mental effects on the human mind, body or soul resulting from the use of any of our products or services.