ColoneticsTM trials help pave the way to a Beautiful Future

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OneCor are delighted to announce that the trials of hotly anticipated, bacterial biometry product ColoneticsTM are now in their final stages and expected to pass regulatory approval next month – with flying colours.

“The trials to date have returned some incredible results and we are now very close to realising our dream of creating The World’s first faecal biome IP bank. Some of our donors are of an extremely high calibre and we are more confident than ever that the brand is going to be a hugely popular lifestyle upgrade for people that want a healthier, more fulfilling and exciting life.”

Dr. Valerie Staines, OneCor Laboratories, Senior Technician

There is still a last-chance opportunity for donors to participate in the trials by following the instructions at

OneCor advise that the invitation to donate is open only to the highest social scoring citizens and that all sub-standard samples will not be considered.



4 Comments on “ColoneticsTM trials help pave the way to a Beautiful Future”

  1. Hey, I could definitely be a great subject as it was only last month i sent a ‘sample’of my gut microme to get tested. Tried and tested, Lu is ya girl ??

  2. I have it on good authority that I produce high grade faecal matter. I believe it would be an excellent specimen for your research

  3. Extremely excited to be a part of this! OneCor is really shaping our future as we know it!

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