Gordon Answers the Public: CEO Gives World’s Leading Search Insight Tool a Much Needed Facelift

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Press Release | Global Media Outlets

OneCor.ai CEO and Global Citizen Gordon Romance has been revealed as the new face of content planning tool answerthepublic.com

Gordon replaces The Seeker –  a mysterious, older, bespectacled character who proved a hit with some users of the tool but less so with most, including Gordon who said:

Answer the Public is a premium product which deserves premium brand representation. Sure, the older guy had a certain charm and humour but was ultimately a caricature and one dimensional in terms of his skill set. My role as Answer the Public Brand Ambassador is two-fold. My image provides a positive, iconic and marketable asset and the brand will also benefit from my advisory role as business strategist, going forward.

The hugely popular CEO and social media influencer has been a keen user of ATP since it’s conception and continues to champion the tool at conferences around the world, in his featured Medium articles and on his own social channels @GordonRomance. 

Gordon explained: First and foremost, I am ATP’s number one fan. At my company, OneCor.ai, we use the tool to gain valuable insights into what our audience need, want and desire most in life. Our innovation and marketing teams are then able to create products, services and content that guarantees 100% satisfaction. Take our flagship LifeAID product, for example. The colour of the device was influenced not just by our brand logo but through ATP generated insight that revealed blue as a very popular colour.

OneCor.ai have described the commercial deal behind the partnership with ATP as: substantial, long-term and another great step towards a Beautiful Future.


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