LifeAID™ is a lifestyle enhancing, cutting edge biotechnology from OneCor™ that delivers real-time internal data from the host to the LifeAID™ App on their mobile, tablet or laptop. The device monitors, evaluates and alerts the host of any abnormalities in their body – enabling early detection and treatment. It also catalyzes the body into producing hormones and synthesizing chemicals to regulate mood, pain threshold and a wide variety of other feelings and sensations. We call this process: in body synthesis. In summary, LifeAID™ provides improved health, well-being and peace of mind for the host through:
  • Early warning notification of ailments, allergies & disease
  • Internal diagnosis
  • Unique, real-time internal data relay & analysis
  • Stimulated vitality
  • Stress reduction
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How It Works

LifeAID™ is inserted into the host’s forearm. The procedure is quick, safe and painless. The technology then gets to work using a nano form of spectroscopy to look for specific chemicals in the bloodstream. The levels of over 47 hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline, can be determined from these ‘chemical fingerprints’ and in turn, derives approximations of mood, feelings and other biological indicators.

Artificial Intelligence

LifeAID™ learns by comparing your chemical fingerprints with a vast and continuously growing amount of user data on the LifeAID™ servers. It becomes more accurate over time, learning about the host intimately. The embedded LifeAID™ fulfills an IO (Input/Output device) function only, with all processing handled off device in the server cloud. The device itself simply transmits chemical data about the host and receives instructions back.

Technical Information

The nano technology used in LifeAID™ is ultra-power efficient using less than 0.007% of conventional technology. The unit draws power from the host and does not contain any lead or require a battery. Electrical energy similar to that used in heart contractions (sinoatrial node) is harvested harmlessly from the host to power the device.

LifeAID™ is built on a molecular level using technology based around the use of suspended single-walled carbon nanotubes (sus-SWCNTs) as the substrate. These nanotubes perform the same function as silicone in conventional electronics. Networks are created using Raman spectroscopy (RS) and a high-resolution scanning electron microscope (HRSEM). The blue light is actually bioluminescent compound, luciferin the same compound found in fireflies, luminescent fish and algae. The blue light is a byproduct of the power and measurement process. LifeAID™ has a 150-year lifespan to guarantee life-time service.

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