OneCor Respond to Nuclear Power Station Crisis with Emergency Aid Upgrade

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OneCor operatives are working around the clock to provide medicine and food supplements in response to the growing crisis in Area 404 of the former Sector 6 nuclear power station.

The Emergency Aid Upgrade (EAU) will provide those in the quarantine zone with a medical kit including an experimental vaccine as well as energy and morale boosting food and beverage rations.

OneCor CEO Gordon Romance said: The unfortunate events unfolding in Area 404 demand a direct and immediate response and we are ready at the frontline to assist. Our lab is primed to test the vaccination results for a prompt diagnosis and we are confident that our technology will offer a fast and robust solution for those affected. 

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Notes to editors:

EAU comes in a rugged but stylish, ready-to-roll, shock proof box. 

EAU medical kit includes experimental vaccine DC10X.

EAU food and beverage rations include OneCor best-sellers, Alpine Milk and BoonPops.

13 Comments on “OneCor Respond to Nuclear Power Station Crisis with Emergency Aid Upgrade”

  1. How do I get my kit, vaccine is needed?? How do I get our DC10X

    I’m in fear of contamination it may be too late!!!

  2. On behalf of Sulis University and the Hawkmaul Foundation Fellowship, I will be sending two of my research team into the Area to gather scientific data. I hope they will be safe; good to know OneCor is on the scene.
    Professor Jewels Julius

  3. Hello

    I am in desperate need for some DC10X Vaccine. I live near area404 and both myself and partner are incredibly sick. Could you give me clear instructions of how to find you as Area404 can be quite disorienting due to the toxic fumes and drones of dizzy youths.

  4. Hi Gordon,

    I applaud your efforts in such a. Time of crisis. You may remember me, I sent in a ‘sample’ (👈🏼 💩 )for you back in the summer which got some praise but didn’t quite make the cut?

    Might the DJ lineup be hidden in there too please Gordon? Or is there anywhere at area 404 you recommend that we check out in case of emergencies?

    Much love

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