A Head Start in Life

We know the social pressure that being a mum or dad brings. Feeling the urge to offer the very best for your child is as natural as the urge that led you to have a child in the first place.

Giving your child the best can feel like an impossible task, even for the most loving or wealthy parents. Naturally occurring mental, physical and social defects bring stress we could all do without. Not to mention the worry of how your child will fare meeting friends or an eventual partner if their personality, appearance or both fall short of the mark.

Utilising leading edge, patented biocode nanosplicing technology, our world-class team guarantees the production and delivery of the perfect child for you...with PharmaBaby™

It’s so Easy

Designing your little one couldn’t be easier with the PharmaBaby™ app.

PharmaBaby™ asks you a series of questions before coding the optimal DNA strand sequences for your chosen blend of attributes including; bone structure, skin tone, hair and eye colour, intelligence, social skills, ambition and empathy.

Swipe left or right within the app to fine tune your design and when you’re happy with your baby, hit submit to begin the DNA sequencing process.

Register your interest for PharmaBaby™ below - each of our first thousand UK customers will receive a free DNA strand from one of our A List celebrity donors.

Disclaimer: OneCor is not responsible for any negative physical or mental effects on the human mind, body or soul resulting from the use of any of our products or services.