STOP THE PRESS!!! OneCor Launch Superstore to Provide Lifestyle Upgrades

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Exciting new consumer tech start-up, OneCor, are delighted to announce the opening of a brand new flagship store at Boomtown Fair this August.

The OneCor Superstore will showcase a range of aspirational, life-enhancing, A.I. designed consumer brands – including the unveiling of an as yet undisclosed product that OneCor describe as the ultimate answer to our environmental problems.

OneCor CEO Gordon Romance;

“As a conscientious company, we take our responsibility as designers, innovators – and Global Citizens – very seriously. That means putting the environment first. Our revolutionary new products will not only provide you with the lifestyle upgrades to realize the Beautiful Future you deserve –  they’ll also ensure you and your family preserve!”

The OneCor Superstore – Metropolis District – Boomtown Fair – Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th August 2019.

Say hi to me, Sally – OneCor Head of People – on Facebook and Twitter @WelcometoOneCor

8 Comments on “STOP THE PRESS!!! OneCor Launch Superstore to Provide Lifestyle Upgrades”

  1. Can’t wait to visit the new superstore!! Will you be fitting LifeAID™️ devices in store? I do hope so!

    I am very excited to find out all the answers to our environmental problems and unlocking a Beautiful Future .

  2. Hi Sally
    I can’t wait to find out about your new technologies at Boomtown! I’d love a job for life with OneCor.
    Loves xx

  3. See you there onecor! I look forward to previewing the latest innovations and would be delighted to be involved!

  4. Someone has way too much spare time! This is amazing!!! Plug me in and give me all the upgrades. I want to be a a martial arts master and speak fluent mandarin in under a minute please! The lollipops sound great too. Got anything that means you don’t need to sleep? Days don’t seem to be long enough in my line of work.

    Thank you onecor, you’re the best!

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