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OneCor launch state of the art Communications UAV

The Inter-Zonal Zenware Intelligence drone (IZZI) can be operated from ground control or deployed to work autonomously, providing airborne reconnaissance, surveillance and data gathering capabilities.

Upgraded from an earlier military design, OneCor have reimagined and upgraded the former hunter-killer drone for use in urban security, search and rescue and commercial deployments, such as surveying and construction. IZZI promises to “Get The Job Done. And Some!”

Dave Ingers, Head of Design says:

“At OneCor, we are continually striving for excellence in a design for your Beautiful Future. In the case of IZZI, what we have done is taken a lethal technology and repurposed it for good. For example, we have removed her weapons system and replaced them with a search and rescue capability”.

IZZI’s stand-out features include cutting edge facial recognition, an ability to operate autonomously to a pre-set mission brief and a previously classified technology that enables the drone to project her physical surroundings to act as a camouflage, making her also almost invisible.

IZZI also comes with a preprogrammed Emotive Responsive Personality Avatar (ERPA) ensuring that she operates and communicates according to OneCor’s Social Harmony Charter and is capable of building trust and rapport with her handler or anyone she comes into face to face contact with.

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