Rescue Mission Success

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OneCor rescue mission into contaminated Area 404 nuclear facility “a huge success” – Gordon Romance, OneCor CEO.

It has emerged that Mr. Romance, who broke with security protocol to publicly announce a search and rescue operation to the contaminated Area 404 nuclear facility in an impassioned social media post, handpicked the extraction team and personally oversaw every step of the daring mission himself.

I promised our citizens that we would bring young Charlie and the child’s dog Romeo home. That is what our incredible team has achieved. Charlie is now back at the family residence, unharmed and healthy. I hear that Romeo is doing great, too. In that respect, the mission was a huge success. 

However, success has come at a regrettable price. It is with a very heavy heart that I must confirm; during the mission several members of our OneCor family were tragically lost. We thank these brave men and women for their courage and ultimate sacrifice. They will never be forgotten. One of our heroes has thankfully returned. Private Lane Murphy was injured in the extraction and is in a serious but stable condition in quarantine back at OneCor HQ. Mr. Murphy is assisting our science and medical team in their efforts to continue the fine tuning of our wonder vaccine DC10x as a potential cure for those affected by the The Clouds radioactive fallout.

Mr. Romance had received some strong criticism on social media over an apparent lack of communication since his initial, high profile announcements that launched the hugely followed #all404one and #savecharlie campaigns. On Facebook, the company’s quality score has fallen as a result. Sally Smiles, OneCor Head of People explained:

“There is a time for talk and a time for action. Our CEO’s focus has been entirely on bringing Charlie home. Now Mr. Romance has delivered on that promise, I hope that the public will understand and appreciate why some of their questions and concerns were not answered at the time – the safety and success of our mission had to come first. OneCor is now back open for business as usual!”

During the mission, the OneCor team was assisted by the company’s very own Interzonal Zenware Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. It has come to light that OneCor’s surveillance communications drone, affectionately known as IZZI, played a pivotal role in the search and rescue of Charlie and Romeo – and the survival of Agent Murphy. IZZI’s heroism has prompted an outpouring of affection online with a dedicated Twitter account, fan podcast and IZZI fan art entertaining and inspiring the public throughout the crisis. A line of official IZZI merchandise is now in the pipeline and all profits will be used to help OneCor deliver the Beautiful Future that you deserve.

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