Zoil: smart.fast.clean

Zoil is a multi nutrient impregnated synthetic SMART soil replacement.

Standard Fertilisers increase the growth rate of plants by providing nutrients and by enhancing the soil performance through improved water retention and aeration. Zoil goes one step further and removes altogether ‘out dated’ soil from the equation.

Zoil is THE soil.

Increasing yield by a minimum of 350% Zoil is able to carefully control the release of almost all important bio-unavailable compounds. The richly impregnated Zoil sub straight contains all the main micronutrients; molybdenum, zinc, boron and copper. Releasing these minerals according to temperature and moisture, keeping the nutrient levels optimal.

Iron deficiency, often a limiting factor of plant growth with Fe2 often difficult to administer due to oxidisation (Fe3) is bypassed in Zoil by using a chelate complex of an EDTA derivative. This process also enables Zoil to maintain optimal substrate pH again maximising plant nutrient availability The fluffy carcass of Zoil enables free oxygen flow.

Delivering almost as much air to the plant as aeroponics.

Zoil also encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi.

NH3 + H3PO4 → (NH4)H2PO4 2

NH3 + H3PO4 → (NH4)2HPO4

Forget ‘Big Oil’. The future is all about ‘Big Zoil’.

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